Given that this is a developing country in the Caribbean, a new curiosity in local transportation is the Santo Domingo Metro — a 15 km underground and elevated commuter train system consisting of six proposed lines.  The first line begins elevated at Villa Mella (in Santo Domingo Norte)—located north of the Isabela River and north of the city center—and ends at Centro de los Héroes on the southern coast of Santo Domingo, near the seawall district (Malecón).  Some of the stops on the first line are the Teatro Nacional, the main campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD; Autonomous University of Santo Domingo) and Avenida Lincoln.  The first line is already in service. The second line, currently under construction, is said to run in an east-west direction beneath Expreso Kennedy, crossing the first line at Máximo Gómez Avenue.  The third line will also run in an east-west direction, beneath Expreso 27 de Febrero.  Some joke that the Metro exists because the country’s former president (Leonel Fernández), a long-time who grew up in New York City, wanted to turn the capital into a tropical version of Manhattan.  Under his tenure (which ended in 2012), even the national police force adopted an emblem similar to that of New York’s police force.